Drop Deck Rentals in NY, NJ, CT, RI & MA - Bay Crane

Step Deck, or Single Drop Deck, is a type of trailer that is similar to flatbed, but with two deck levels: upper deck and lower deck that drop down after clearing the tractor unit. Generally, our step deck trailers can haul taller loads than Flatbed trailers. They also tend to be safer for forklift pickup, due to the fact that they are closer to the ground.

Our Double Drop Deck trailers are used for oversized freight that is taller than 10 feet. These have a longer piece of trailer that includes a “well” in the middle that dips below trailer axles. The well ranges from 25 to 29 feet, making it ideal for taller, shorter freight. Double Drop Deck trailers usually have 2 or more axles, and a “Flip axle”, which can flip up and lay on the deck or flip down and create extra axle for balancing weight.

Double Drop Lowboy trailers to 55t and 82′ Length