LR 1750 Rentals in NY, NJ, CT, RI & MA - Bay Crane

Liebherr LR 1750

A crawler crane is mounted on an undercarriage with a pair of caterpillar tracks that provide stability and mobility. Their configuration – such as boom length, backmast and counterweight – can be adjusted to specific requirements. This provides additional lifting capacity. Crawler cranes can crawl with a load, allowing more flexibility in lifting. They can carry loads ranging from 60 to 1,000 tons. Bay Crane has access to a large and diverse fleet of crawler cranes, which allows us to serve a variety of customers’ needs and guarantee a high level of availability.

The LR 1750/2 offers true range and flexibility as well as efficient load tables and capacities without the use if the “D” derrick backmast.

Partial list of supported equipment is shown below.

SL8DHS 140m + 6m (462’+19.8′)
SLDB 133m (438.9′)
SDWVB 91m + 21m (300′)
SW 56m + 77m (184’+256′)
SDB 91m / S 84m (300′)
SDWB 91m + 77m (300+256′)
SL 105m (346′)
SL8HS 112m + 6m (369’+19.8″)

Max. Load Capacity 825 t
Max. Hoist Height 626 ft
Max. Radius 512 ft